Basil Bunelik of Devon Klezmer Band Lvov Affair

Lisa has been playing Klezmer and Eastern European music for the past 20 years. Her interest in this rich folk tradition began when she lived in Greece, where she first encountered the intoxicating beauty of Balkan dance music and song. On returning to England, she pursued this further by participating in the annual Klezfests in London, and  the workshops run by Basil and Merlin Shepherd in Exeter. More recently, she has immersed herself in Hungarian gypsy music, especially the music and songs originating from the villages of the Carpathian Basin of Central Europe. She has performed on violin, accordion and vocals in various bands, including Devon based  'Hazaar', as well as with Basil for the last decade. 

Rupe McDonald guitar and vocals with Lvov Affair klezmer band, Devon

Basil Bunelik started his musical training in 1960 in Ukraine largely based on folk music of the Soviet Union.  Later, in London, he joined the Balalaika Dance Group, playing accordion for them and also Mazeppa Cossacks.  He then moved to Devon to work for Dartington Music College and formed Troika which performed East European music throughout the UK and abroad for about ten years.  In 1988 he was awarded a British Council grant to study folk music in Romania and in 2001 he was awarded a grant from the Jewish Music Institute to run a series of klezmer workshops and concerts in Devon, and more recently, in 2015 he was invited to perform and give klezmer workshops in Malta.

Lisa Rowe, fiddle player and singer in Devon Klezmer Band

Lvov is the Russian name for the Ukrainian city of Lviv, lying near the border of Poland it was called Lwow under Polish rule and before that Lemburg under the Austrian empire.  Naturally a cosmopolitan city the music of nearby Moldova, Hungary and Romania as well as Gypsy and Klezmer melodies permeate the culture past and present.

It was in this city I started my musical journey at the age of 9, and a love of music that has sustained my whole life.  I hope I can share some of this with you.

Basil Bunelik