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Lvov Affair : Recorded Live 2019

£10 + post. 

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1.   Makedonsko Devojce + Geamparale. A couple of tunes in 7/8,the first means Macedonian Girl, the second is from Romania.

2.   Csak Egy Kislany.  Hungarian song - You’re the only one in the world for me.

3.   Bukhovinian Jig + Arcanul.  A couple of 6/8 tunes from Romania

4.   Belf 27 + Belf 11. From recordings of klezmer music by Belf’s Romanian Orchestra - the earliest known from 1911.

5.   Ajde Jano.  A Serbian song.  Come on, Jano, let’s sell the horse and dance.

6.   Honga & Freilachs.  A couple of klezmer tunes that always seem to hang out together.

7.   Shostakovitch Waltz No2.  Used in the Kubrik film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’

8.   Erev Shel Shoshanim.  An Israeli song - Evening of Roses, lets go out in the gardens, and breathe in the scent ‘til dawn

9.   Lemberg Bulgar + Varshava Freilachs.  A pair of klezmer tunes named after Lemberg (= Lvov) and Varshava (= Warsaw)

10.  Amari Szi Amari.  A Hungarian Gypsy song, sung in a Romany dialect.

11.  Der Gasn Nigun + Heyser Bulgar.  A pair of klezmer tunes as recorded by Harry Kandel and Naftule Brandwein USA 1923

12.  Romanian Rhapsody. From the playing of Alicia Svigals

13.  Oi Poslala Meni Mati.  A Ukrainian song extolling the benefits of being attractive at harvest time.

14.  Au Plecat Olteni la Coasa.  A Romanian tune - The Oltenians went to mow, went to mow a meadow

15.  Bei Mir Bist du Schon.  A Yiddish song written for a New York play in 1932, once described as being “too Jewish”

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