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Druzba can present different programmes of music depending on the occasion and venue.  In both cases violin and accordion are the essential elements with guitar desirable for the folk band and mandolin an option for the light classics
In concert


For variety, energy, spell binding tunes & sheer exuberance there is no richer source than East Europe.  Whilst each region has it's own characteristics they are bound together by an indefinable quality that is instantly recognisable and totally captivating.  Acoustic or lightly amplified we defy anyone to resist this joyful, compelling music

Au Plecat Olteni La Coasa.mp3
Parties and dance


We challenge anyone to keep still when we are in party mode, great tunes, great rhythms and amplified by our high quality PA system if needed, you'll be surprised at the power our trio generates.  We can also offer a barn dance with caller Chris Jewell, traditional British dance with our distinctive music like these Romanian "Jigs"

Bukhovinian Jig + Arcanul.mp3
Wedding music with a difference


For truly beautiful music to grace any part of your special day, consider the magical melodies of East Europe: Shostakovitch  Waltz No 2, Lara's Theme from Dr Zivago,  Brahms' Hungarian dances, and many familiar light classics by Borodin, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Katchachurian, Prokofiev, Rubinstein and more.  Best presented without amplification to capture the natural beauty and balance of acoustic sound.  As an alternative to string quartets or trios we offer several advantages - the accordion plays at least two parts so a duo or trio is a full sound, if outdoors we have battery amplification, and we are completely mobile, and can even walk as part of a procession.

Shostakovitch Waltz No.2.mp3
Themed events


If you want to set a theme for an evening, Hungarian, Russian, Greek or Gypsy music can set the scene.  Our extensive repertoire and experience ranges from the Steppes to the Balkans

Csak egy part.mp3
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