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Every few weeks in the autumn Wednesday Night in the Chagford Inn becomes a whole lot more fun thanks to Lisa and her friends playing their special style of Klezmer and gypsy music. Lisa on violin with Basil the accordionist played some great music which made you want to leap up and dance balanced by some haunting slower pieces. The guitarist provided excellent support, as did the ’basso continuo’ from the accordionist's left hand using the whole instrument to boost the sound.  Sparkling and precise music - a real joy! 


wonderfully evocative folk and gypsy music.  Chagford Inn.

I love your music,  just what we wanted

Tara,  Green Table,  Dartington

Очень красиво играешь! Браво! Молодец! (you play very beautifully! Bravo! Congratulations!)

Lily Svetaeva

It was absolutely fantastic to have you and we've had so many comments about how fab you were.

Thanks again and hope to see you again soon

Chloe O'Brien

WONDERLAND Curator, Dartington

Your virtuosity makes the soulful klezmer music much more soulful. Especially the bass sound is deep and rich; it gives the feeling of a bowed bass...


An amazing amount of sound and energy from such a small band


Excellent performances . . .greatly enjoyed

Shaugh Prior Apple Fair

Fantastic performance, love the music


Magnificent musical performance! 

Michael Friedman

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